Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to our blog, Sarah B.!

Hello, readers!  Please help us welcome our newest contributor, Sarah B. of, to our blog.

"Hi! My name is Sarah. I am a stay at home mom. I run an online business selling vintage items, jewelry, and handcrafted art. I am big on cooking from scratch and I am a fan of canning. I have a slight obsession with my pepper plants and I am currently experimenting making hot sauce with the peppers I harvested and dried this past summer. My family and I do a variety of gardening and food preservation. We have backyard chickens for fresh eggs and fertilizer. We are always trying new techniques and methods of organic gardening and preserving. Embracing an organic, holistic lifestyle is one of my main goals. I have strong beliefs and try to live according to them. I am enthusiastic about animal rights, therefore I boycott factory farming. I also believe we have right to know what is in our food. Whether it is preservatives, additives, or GMO's I believe it should all be labeled and I actively fight for our rights as consumers to know. I love to help out and spend time with the horses on the farm across the street. The rest of the time I juggle between my business, family, and dogs. :) I have A LOT of projects going on and I am excited about bringing you all a long."

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